We are so happy to kick this process off with you! 

As a friendly reminder, this homework needs to be complete before we can move into the website building process. Please complete it by your specified due date.  It's a little lengthy, so here are a few tips: 

1. Pour yourself a toasty coffee, sit down, and quickly browse through all questions on the form before you even start to fill anything out. It will help you wrap your head around what you are about to do.

2. This form doesn't autosave, and you cannot come back to fill it out later, so we recommend you download a version of the questionnaire. This way, you can edit on your computer, or google docs. Once you have the form complete, you can come back here and do a simple copy and paste! 

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If for some reason the question does not apply to you, please place N/A in the cell so we know it wasn't accidentally missed.

Name *
Sales / Lead Generation / General info / List Menu & location, etc.
Examples: about me, pricing, features, contact us, menu, events, shop, portfolio, FAQ, blog
If so, tell us about your team. Names, titles, bios. We will get pictures later.
This is to help your designer create a unique look for your website and prevent any look-alike content.
Examples: classic, modern, sleek, bright, playful, sophisticated, bohemian, retro, bold, soft, feminine, masculine, energetic, etc
We want to make sure we aren't coming up with a visual identity that makes you want to scream.
Place their URLS here and tell us what you like about them. They don't need to be brands in your niche.
This link should be a board you have created in Pinterest. The board should give our designers an idea of the look and feel you are going for with your brand. If you like the look of certain logos, fonts, colors, etc, place them in the board. If you make it secret, make sure to share it with The Launch Bosses so we can view. Make sure to edit the description of the pin to say what you like about it. If you don't know why you like it, but you do, that's fine too!
Make sure to allow other people to edit the folders or share it specifically with