How to Exclude Internal Traffic from Google Analytics


Google Analytics is the most popular analytics software in the world and used by many big name brands. If you aren't using it for monitoring traffic and gaining insight on your visitors, you should be! It is super friendly to use, it's customizable and it's FREE!

If you are like us, you are probably on your own website quite often. You may be checking to confirm links are working, blog posts are live, and much more. But one thing you don't want, is your own internal traffic messing with your numbers. 

In order to exclude your own computer from your website traffic, just follow these steps:

1. Find your computers IP address by typing "whats my IP" in your search bar on google, or by going to What's My IP.


2. Log in to your Google Analytics account. Select Admin > Filters.

3. Next select the big red button that says Add Filter.

4. Now this is where all the magic happens. Create a name for your filter. It could be called "Internal Traffic" or "Home Traffic" or "Work Traffic". 

Select the filter types from the drop downs: Exclude > Traffic from the IP addresses > That are Equal to

Then, copy and paste your computers IP address. Next, highlight All Website Data > Add. You should see that All website data will move over to the Selected View Column. Next hit Save.

Now you're all set! When you visit your own website, your own internal traffic won't be recorded. All numbers will be associated with the gobs and gobs of visitors checking out your site.