The Ultimate Launch Checklist

Launching a website takes time and effort and LOTS of planning and organizing. Things can be overlooked when you are swimming in content, URLs, and emails. 

But lucky for you we've created the ULTIMATE launch checklist to help you stay on top of your launch game.  Complete everything on this list before going live and set yourself up for a successful launch. For a printable version of this PDF so you can mark things off as you go, click HERE. 


  • Website URL
  • Primary Email
  • Domain Registrar
  • Domain Registrar Login
  • Squarespace/Shopify/Wordpress/Wix/ShowIt Login 

ANALYTICS & Advertising:


  • Provider (Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc)
  • Account Login


  • Facebook URL
  • Facebook Login
  • Instagram URL
  • Instagram Login
  • Pinterest URL
  • Pinterest Login
  • Twitter URL
  • Twitter Login
  • SnapChat Username
  • YouTube Channel URL
  • YouTube Channel Login

Other Questions To Ask Yourself: 

  • Do I have profile images for all my social networks?
  • Have I tested to make sure my newsletter sign up form works?
  • Have I tested to make sure all other forms on my website work?
  • Have I implemented my Google Analytics ID?
  • Have I blocked my own IP address in Google Analytics
  • Are all of my social channels connected?
  • Do I have my favicon in place?
  • If selling a product, is the shopping cart functional? Is a bank account attached to it? 
  • Have I added a meta description to my site and descriptions to each page for SEO purposes?
  • Do I have business collateral? Business cards, stickers, thank you cards, etc.
  • Have I registered my business? A DBA or LLC may be required!
  • Do I have an EIN for my business? It's possible you don't need one. Do your research.

Post Launch Tasks

  • Register your website with Google Search Console
  • Register your website with Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Tell everyone and their grandma. Seriously, brag to everyone and tell them to check out the site.
  • Make sure website traffic is being reported.
  • If you've been gathering a following on Instagram and telling them a website is launching soon, don't forget to let them know the big news! 

Last but not least....