My Facebook Share Preview Isn't Showing An Image Thumbnail


After launching a website or writing a blog post, the first thing you want to do is go tell everyone on Facebook about it right? I hope so! 

But have you ever gotten one of these? Facebook isn't showing a preview image for your website or blog post?

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 1.33.25 PM.png

The days of sharing a link and not having an image or video to go along with it are LONG gone. We all know that posts with visual imagery get way more traction, so it's important to have that preview image to go along with your copy. 


Facebook is basically a giant search engine, just like Google. So, when you publish something to the world wide web, it takes a minute for it to recognize it's live and crawl the page. In the case of Google indexing your website, sometimes it can take days once you submit it!  In order for Facebook to recognize your page is live and pull in an image, you have to manually submit it to them.


You can fix the preview image in just a few quick steps:

1. Go to the Facebook Image Cache Debugger Page

Facebook Image Cache Debugger

2. Copy and Paste your URL that you are trying to share and then hit Debug. 

3. You will see that there is no image that comes in when you get to the next page. To manually scrape the page for an image, just hit Scrape Again.

4. You should now see that an image has been pulled in. If not, just hit Scrape Again a few more times until one shows up. Sometimes it's taken me a couple of scrapes for it to pull in.

Side note: if you are still not seeing an image from website URL, it's possible you still need to set up your Facebook Share Photo. Here is where you can find the steps to do that.

Now that you are able to preview your image, you can go back to your Facebook page and copy and paste the URL in your status. The status should now be showing the preview image like below.

Facebook Image Cache Debugger

And that's it! If you ever see it happen again with a newly published website or blog post, now you know how to fix it!